26 July 2023

We are hosting a clearcorrect
Smile day on 26 July 2023!

The day will be filled with demos, Q&A’s, goodie bags to take home and so much more!
And the best part? We will take your photographs, x-rays, and intraoral scans to analyse the best way forward
for your potential ClearCorrect treatment.

Worth more than R3 000

Request a time to book your spot.





What are clearcorrect aligners?

ClearCorrect aligners are made from a multi-layer medical-grade plastic that was designed over years of research and trials. The result is a stunningly transparent and resilient aligner that moves teeth effectively.

The ClearCorrent aligners are more comfortable than braces, and thanks to their special trimline and material, they’re also more efficient and more comfortable than many other aligners out there.

Discover all there is to know about how ClearCorrent can change your life into a lifetime of smiles.

Book your spot at our ClearCorrect Smile Day on the 26th of July 2023.

Clearcorrect is the perfect solution to fit your existing lifestyle.

Whether you’re an adult or a teen, committing to braces can be intimidating. With ClearCorrect, you have a solution that allows you to perfect your smile while keeping up your exiting lifestyle. It is comfortable, effective, easy and nearly invisible. Just a few of the benefits of ClearCorrect.

why choose
dr. engelbrecht?

Dr. Engelbrecht was one of the early adopters of these techniques while still practicing in the UK and has treated countless patients with clear aligners since 2006. And her aligner of choice is ClearCorrect. She explains that this type of orthodontic brace is ideal for the following patients:

  • Teenagers.
  • If you have had orthodontic reatment as a child and your teeth have now relapsed.
  • If you have minor problems you’ve always wanted to change.
  • Pre-treatment for aesthetic dentistry or dental rehabilitations.

See how clearcorrect works

Today, revolutionary techniques and modern materials allow us to gently straighten and align teeth in shorter periods with almost invisible braces.

Our Smile Day is fully booked


We are happy to announce that our Smile Day is fully booked. If we receive any cancellations, we’ll get in touch with those on our waiting list.

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