We all know that prevention is better than cure, and after many years in the field seeing a multitude of contact sport injuries, we recommend the wear of a custom made mouthguard for all contact sports.


It is essential that all children wear a mouthguard for any contact sport as dental injuries are the most common and costly when they get injured.


Advantages of a custom made mouthguard include

  • Extremely comfortable to wear compared to off the shelf products
  • Better fit
  • Better protection
  • Fewer costly dental injuries


As a proud mom, Dr Christa Engelbrecht ensure that all custom mouthguards are affordable, as we prefer our kids to have it in their mouths and not their pockets!

A 15 minute appointment to take impressions of your child’s mouth. Your child will also have the opportunity to choose the colour of their mouthguard.


Please book individual appointments for every child in the family.

Alternatively please call 021 883 2679 to book your appointment.