Teeth whitening

Sometimes, all you need is to brighten your smile, to improve your overall appearance. And let’s face it, as we are now surrounded by social media and constantly coming face to face with those perfect hollywood smiles everywhere, we are becoming more aware how a lighter and brighter smile will add to making a good first impression.


In our experience, teeth with a yellow undertone will bleach the best. Teeth with a brown undertone will bleach slightly, and teeth with a blue undertone are usually the result of antibiotic stained teeth when you were little, and these bleaching results would be poor.


We only use products that have been tried and tested and which offers us the best results. When you book an appointment for in surgery tooth whitening, you will first need to have your teeth cleaned in order for our products to have the best results.


Our oral hygienist have years of experience in treating patients with in-chair bleaching products safely. Contact us TODAY to find out more.

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