Practicing dentistry since 1999 in South Africa and the UK, Dr. Christa Engelbrecht, provides quality dental treatment in her ultra modern practice in the heart of Stellenbosch.

Conveniently situated in the Valerida Building (Above Paul Roos Spar) we welcome you to our friendly practice offering Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry services.

Dental Treatment

We offer a full range of dental treatment services to patients. From dental implants, crowns and veneers to the replacement of those old and unsightly silver fillings, we offer treatments to the entire family, young and old. No treatment is provided without full written estimates and treatment plans to make your journey to a healthier smile as smooth as possible.


Whether you just need that old unsightly crown replaced or are in need of a full smile make-over that includes dental implants, we will listen and plan your treatment to your specifications using the latest digital technology available in dentistry.



If you suffer from an aching jaw in the morning or frequent headaches, you most probably have an occlusal imbalance of the teeth caused by grinding your teeth or multiple broken down old restorations or even an orthodontic issue. Dr Engelbrecht has years of experience treating different aspects and causes of headaches.



We are fully aware that dental anxiety or ‘fear of the dentist’ is a major stumbling block for a lot of people. It usually prevents otherwise intelligent, rational people from maintaining a healthy smile. Dr Engelbrecht have years of experience from various practices both in South Africa and the United Kingdom in successfully treating dental phobias.



Sometimes, all you need is to brighten your smile, to improve your overall appearance. And let’s face it, as we are now surrounded by social media and constantly coming face to face with those perfect Hollywood smiles everywhere, we are becoming more aware how a lighter and brighter smile will add to making a good first impression.



Good oral health is a main priority in our practice as we all know that prevention is better than cure. Improved oral health can not only be achieved by regular professional cleanings, but by restoring decayed teeth, treating gum disease, bleeding gums and also giving back the function of chewing by placing implants in areas where there have been teeth lost.


Whilst Dr Engelbrecht is not a specialist orthodontist, she was one of the earliest adopters of Clearaligner orthodontics and attended numerous advanced training courses whilst practicing in the UK. She has since successfully treated countless patients both in the UK and South Africa.


Having recently won the ‘Innovators award’ at the South African Dental Association, the Myobrace system is an early intervention brace that can treat many underlying issues which can impact dental alignment. Dr Engelbrecht is one of the first clinicians who have embraced this treatment in South Africa, which was first developed in the early 90’s in Australia.


Introducing RE:CARE

Our RE:CARE program encourages our patients to attend our oral hygienist on a regular basis. Research show that a minimum 2 visits per year, 6 months apart is ideal. We will therefore offer 25% DISCOUNT on your 6 monthly visits if you attend during the month that you fall due.

Refer a Friend

If any of your friends see us for a consultation and mention on their registration form that they have been referred by you, we will load a R100 ‘REFER A FRIEND’ voucher onto your account. This can be used towards any treatment or product available at Dr Christa Engelbrecht Dental. Please note that a single voucher will apply per family referred.

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