Introducing RE:CARE


More often than not do we see patients for dental treatment that could have been avoided had they attended a dentist more often. Most of these problems stem from poorly maintained oral hygiene and what sometimes turn out to be big dental problems, could have been avoided altogether or repaired with minor treatment early on if they have been placed on a proper maintenance plan. This would have not only been more cost effective but might end up saving your life.


We also understand how busy life can be, and how 6 months can suddenly turn into a year. This is why we are introducing a dental care program into our daily operations to make it easier and more cost effective for you to attend regular oral hygiene sessions. This way we can maintain your healthy teeth and gums together and avoid those unexpected dental costs. We know that dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.

What is your RE:CARE program?

Our RE:CARE program encourages our patients to attend our oral hygienist on a regular basis. Research show that a minimum 2 visits per year, 6 months apart is ideal. We will therefor offer 25% DISCOUNT on your 6 monthly visits if you attend during the month that you fall due.

How do I qualify for this program?

If you have EVER seen the oral hygienist in our practice you will qualify for a 25% discount on your next visit with the oral hygienist. All you must do is attend between 1 June 2019 and 31 July 2019 for your benefit to kick in. You will then have to see her on regular 6 monthly intervals to maintain this incredible discount for visits with our hygienist.

But I saw her 3 months ago, do I have to come before 31 July to get the benefit?

Not at all. We will be contacting you shortly to pre-arrange your next visit in the month when you are due so that you do not miss out on the benefits.

How do I ensure that I fall into the 6 monthly category and not miss out on these benefits?

The simplest way to never miss out is to schedule your 6 monthly visit on the day of your last visit with the oral hygienist. But don’t worry, we will start introducing this program over the next two months and will ensure all patients who has ever seen her will be contacted to not miss out.

I do not want to miss out but travel a lot for work and might miss a visit during my due month

We know how unpredictable life can be so if you find that you will miss your visit in the month that you are due, you can contact the practice to make an alternative arrangement. Please note that we might use our discretion here and repeated requests will be denied.

How will I be contacted?

We will send you a RE:CARE recall reminder via email one month before you are due. This will be followed up by telephone call before your due month to ensure you do not miss out.

Will you remind me of my appointment if booked long in advance?

Yes! Our system is set up to send out a reminder email of your appointment approximately a month before your booking. If you get this reminder and realise you can not make it or have to move it, please contact us right away to book another convenient slot for you.

You can book your RE:CARE appointment by calling the practice on 0218832679 or via email on